EOS Super Serum

World's most powerful skin protector

Every KITCHEN needs one
Every HOME must have one

It is the world's most amazing skincare serum. Friends who have used this product have bestowed it with flattering nicknames: "liquid from heaven", "liquid gold", and "miracle serum".

Your painful experience does not have to leave behind visible reminders.

Skin scientists have now confirmed that it is possible to feed the skin with concentrated skin food that is rich in anti-oxidant, enzymes, and special nutrients to boost and promote intense epidermal blood flow activity to speed up the cellular repair and epidermal resilience.

This is a scientifically proven principle.

EOS Super Serum is NOT a medicine. It does not cure. It only optimizes blood flow activity and the body does the rest. It is the perfect super skin food.

EOS Super Serum

15 ml

EOS Super Serum is the world's most powerful skin renewal serum

The Power of Increased Blood Flow, Skin Food and Effective Skin Renewal

The skin promotes the production of new skin cells to heal damaged skin. Our skin's self-healing capacity is affected as we age.

Scientists discovered that certain plants have very powerful anti-oxidant properties and some are rich in enzymes and they can be used for rapid skin renewal.

The main functions of improved blood flow include the regulation of:

1. Blood flow and tissue perfusion

2. Tissue fluid (exudate)

3. Delivery of oxygen and other nutrients and removal of CO2 and other metabolic waste products

When the skin's blood flow is enhanced, naturally the skin's self-healing capacity will accelerate.


In the picture, the large cotton pad below the bandage has been saturated with EOS Super Serum.

Kindly look at the intense blood flow activity going on.